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Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math

Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math

Calling all math whizzes and curious minds! It’s Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math, and we’re here to tickle your brain with a fun and challenging math puzzle. This week’s brain teaser is designed to test your logical reasoning and multiplication…

Building with Blocks

Building with Blocks: A Fun and Foundational Math Adventure with i-Math

Remember the joy of building elaborate towers and fantastical castles with blocks as a child? Those seemingly simple acts of play were actually laying the foundation for important math skills! At i-Math, we believe that building with blocks is more…

Using Math to Plan a Family Vacation

Using Math to Plan a Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation involves more than just picking a destination and packing your bags. It requires careful consideration and use of math to ensure everything goes smoothly and fits within your budget. From calculating expenses to scheduling activities, math…

The Importance of Routine and Structure in Preschoolers’ Lives

Practical Tips for Parents to Support Math Learning at Home

Supporting your child’s math learning at home is crucial for their academic success and confidence in math. With the right strategies, parents can create a positive and enriching math environment. Here are some practical tips to help you support math…

Understanding Numbers A Beginner's Guide with iMath

Understanding Numbers: A Beginner’s Guide with iMath

Numbers are everywhere! From counting our fingers and toes to calculating complex equations, numbers form the foundation of mathematics. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the different types of numbers and how they fit together? Welcome to iMath’s…

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