Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math

Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math

Calling all math whizzes and curious minds! It’s Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math, and we’re here to tickle your brain with a fun and challenging math puzzle.

This week’s brain teaser is designed to test your logical reasoning and multiplication skills. Are you ready? Here’s the problem:

Farmer John has a rectangular apple orchard. There are 6 rows of apple trees, and each row has 8 trees. If every tree bears 12 delicious apples, how many apples does Farmer John have in total?

Take a moment to think about the problem.

Here are some tips to help you solve it:

  • Can you break the problem down into smaller steps?
  • What multiplication facts do you know that can be helpful?
  • Is there a visual way to represent the problem, like drawing a grid?

Now, let’s reveal the solution!


  1. To find the total number of trees in the orchard, we can multiply the number of rows by the number of trees per row: 6 rows * 8 trees/row = 48 trees
  2. Now, we need to find the total number of apples. We can multiply the number of trees by the number of apples each tree bears: 48 trees * 12 apples/tree = 576 apples

Therefore, Farmer John has a whopping 576 apples in his orchard!

Did you get the correct answer? Whether you did or not, don’t worry! The most important thing is to have fun challenging yourself and exercising your brain muscles.

Here are some additional ways to extend the challenge:

  • Can you figure out how many apples Farmer John would have if each tree had 15 apples instead?
  • What if he planted 2 more rows of trees? How many apples would he have then?
  • Can you create your own word problem based on this scenario?

Stay tuned for next week’s Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math! We’ll bring you another exciting challenge to sharpen your math skills and keep your mind active. Remember, math can be fun, so keep practicing and exploring!


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