Math’s is endless and limitless. It is all about practice. Admissions are usually taken for a year. In a year he/she can enhance his/her math skills at their own pace.

Your child will work at his/her own pace, gaining and mastering every new concept before moving on to the next. With i-MATH worksheets, you will find your child’s interest and also see that the child is learning all the important math skills.

  • Continuous practice can make your child much ahead than their school grade level with ease and also at their own pace.

For example– A child, who is studying in standard 3, can learn math of standard 5, as he is not going by the syllabus of the class but learning the important concepts in the sheets and if he/she feels that he/she should move ahead, and then he/she can.

In tuitions, a child studies the same syllabus that is being covered in the school, even if he/she is not clear with the previous year concepts.

  • Whereas, here in i-MATH, learning is entirely based on the concepts irrespective of the class or age of the student.
  • In i-MATH, the concepts start from the very basic and gradually move on to the higher levels making sure that the concepts get clear with every moving step.


A child who is 6 years and above, can join our course.

Instructor will not interrupt the child’s pace of learning. But, they will be analyzing the child in every step and be readily available to help the child when and wherever he/she is in need.

Advancing in i-MATH will boost the confidence of the child. A confident child will evidently perform better not only in math, but also in the other subjects.

Practice makes a child perfect.

He can revise his previous topics with i-MATH worksheets and also keep practicing them. This will help the child to get back with the grade level just in few months. More is the practice, lesser will be the time to get back with the levels.

A desktop or a laptop that supports video calling is necessary to attend the classes.

Yes, the child can join at any time of the year. Our services will be available for entire 1 year from the date of joining. Topics will be covered as per the speed of the child from basic numbers to the calculus.

After logging in into the student portal, student can book a slot for a live query session. Also, he/she can visit to i-MATH solutions for queries.

Yes, you can book a slot for one on one live query session for all the homework related help.

i-MATH mentor will be the one step solution for any kind of query. You can connect with the mentor through WhatsApp or over the phone call.

  • i-MATH teacher will solve all your doubts on the academic needs and will also help in home work during a live one on one query sessions.

We focus on being child centric rather than teacher centric and thus all our efforts are on making our program entirely dependent on a student’s suitability. On regular basis, a child can book a slot at his/her own time and queries, the teacher will be readily available to solve all the queries in the live session.

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