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Money Matters

Money Matters: Making Cents with Your Little Sprouts!

From piggy banks overflowing with colorful coins to the magic of plastic cards, money holds a certain fascination for young children. But how do we navigate this complex topic and introduce them to the concept of money matters in a…

Brain Teaser Saturday with i-Math

Sing Your Way to Counting: Make Learning Numbers a Melody!

Numbers are everywhere! From our fingers and toes to the stars in the sky, understanding numbers is a fundamental life skill. But memorizing them can feel like a chore for young children. Here’s where Sing Your Way to Counting comes…

Play I Spy with My Little Eye with a Math Twist!

Play “I Spy with My Little Eye” with a Math Twist!

Remember the classic game “I Spy with My Little Eye”? It’s a fun and engaging way to pass the time, improve observation skills, and even sneak in some learning! At i-Math, we believe in making learning fun and interactive, so…

The Beauty of Math Patterns

Have you ever stopped to admire the perfect spiral of a seashell, the mesmerizing symmetry of a snowflake, or the intricate patterns of a spiderweb? These seemingly random occurrences in nature actually hold a secret – the beauty of math…

Multiplication Strategies (2)

Financial Fitness for Kids: Building a Strong Foundation with i-Math!

Hey there, i-Math explorers! Money might seem like a grown-up thing, but guess what? Developing financial fitness is a journey that starts young! Just like building strong muscles, building strong financial habits early on sets you up for a bright…

Multiplication Strategies (1)

Math Hacks for Life

Hey there, i-Math superstars! Math isn’t just about equations and tests. It’s a powerful tool that can help you navigate everyday situations and become a master problem-solver! Today, we’re diving into some awesome Math Hacks for Life that will make…

Multiplication Strategies

Look Around! Math is Everywhere with i-Math!

Hey i-Math superstars! Ever wondered why you need to learn math? It might seem like numbers and equations are just for schoolwork, but guess what? Math is all around us, playing a hidden role in everything we do! At i-Math,…

Addition Adventures with i-Math!

Addition Adventures with i-Math!

Calling all i-Math explorers! Are you ready to set sail on an exciting journey filled with addition adventures? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a quest to become addition superstars! Let’s Set Sail for Addition Island! Imagine a…


Subtraction Shenanigans with i-Math

Calling all i-Math mischief-makers! Are you tired of the same old addition routine? Well, hold onto your hats because we’re about to dive into the wacky world of subtraction shenanigans! Get ready for a whirlwind adventure where we’ll learn to…

Unleash Your Problem Solving

Unleash Your Problem-Solving Powers with i-Math!

Unleash Your Problem-Solving Powers with i-Math! Hey i-Math superstars! Ready to take your math skills to the next level? Today, we’re all about becoming problem-solving champions! Just like your favorite video game characters, you have incredible problem-solving powers within you.…

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