The Shape Detectives: A Case of Missing Cookies

The Shape Detective

Calling all Shape Detectives! We have a critical case on our hands – a batch of delicious cookies has gone missing, and we need your sharp eyes and mathematical skills to crack the code!

The Scene of the Crime:

The kitchen counter is a mess! Flour is scattered everywhere, bowls are tipped over, and a half-eaten plate of cookies sits abandoned. But something is fishy… there are only circular bite marks on the cookies!

The Suspects:

  • Mr. Rectangle: Known for his love of building with blocks, he might have used the cookies to construct a sweet treat tower.
  • Ms. Triangle: A master pizza chef, she might have used the cookies to create miniature triangular pizzas.
  • Captain Square: The tidiest of the bunch, he might have neatly cut the cookies into squares for a perfect snack.

The Evidence:

  1. Crumb Trail: A trail of cookie crumbs leads from the kitchen counter to the living room.
  2. Wrapper Clues: The empty cookie package reveals there were originally 12 round cookies.
  3. Witness Report: The family dog, a reliable (but slightly messy) observer, reported seeing a shadowy figure leaving the kitchen with something round in its hand.

The Math Mission:

  1. Counting the Clues: Carefully examine the crumb trail. How many individual cookie crumbs can you find? (This incorporates basic counting skills)
  2. Following the Trail: Measure the length of the crumb trail using a ruler or your feet. How long is the trail in inches or feet? (Introduces basic measurement concepts)
  3. Shape Sorting: Look around the living room for any suspicious objects made of cookies. Are there any squares, triangles, or suspicious towers?
  4. Missing Cookies: Since there were originally 12 cookies and only circular bite marks were found, how many cookies are missing? (Introduces subtraction)

Unmasking the Culprit:

By analyzing the evidence and using your math skills, can you identify the suspect who stole the cookies?

  • Mr. Rectangle: If you found a tall tower made of round cookies (but no squares!), Mr. Rectangle might be your culprit!
  • Ms. Triangle: Did you discover miniature triangular pizzas made from cookie dough? Ms. Triangle might be the culprit behind this sweet and savory crime!
  • Captain Square: If the missing cookies number matches the number of crumbs, and there are no suspicious square-shaped objects, Captain Square might be innocent!

Remember, detectives! There might be more clues hidden around the house. Keep your eyes peeled and use your math skills to solve the case of the missing cookies!

Bonus Challenge: Once you’ve identified the culprit, use your creativity and leftover cookie dough to design your own delicious (and geometric!) cookie creations!

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