i MATH program is unique kind of program to help your child master the skills of mathematics at their own and at their own. It works as per he our basic philosophy that, every child is unique and must be treated differently. We allow every child to blossom in their own way of learning. Enrolling in the Edu Math Program will help building & advancing your child's math skills, & benefits are beyond mathematics and for life. Collective few minutes daily can make child gain for life & usages benefits are beyond mathematics and for life. Daily Edu math worksheets will take about 50-60 minutes to complete in two sessions a week at a Edu Math Center and then another practice assignments to be completed at home. Your child will work at his or her own pace, gaining & mastering each new concept before moving on to the next. With each Edu math worksheet, you’ll find your child’s interest and gain in important math skills. Continuous practice can make your child much ahead of their school grade level with ease and their own pace.


Key Program Highlights

Measurable Improvement in Math

Our program shows improvement in the child by providing well-defined goals that are engaging, interactive, and differentiated instructions with several assessments at every step to help the child excel and stand out in mathematics.

Builds Confidence of Child

With frequent positive reinforcement that acknowledges and celebrates a child’s achievement at every step, we provide individualized support that not only addresses the specific needs and challenges of the child but also helps the mentor and the teacher to maintain and show the progress of the individual.

Conceptual Learning

Our program focuses on developing a deep understanding of the concepts rather than memorizing them by providing real-life examples that will encourage the child to think critically, analyze, and apply their understanding to find solutions with inquiry-based learning, the child will develop curiosity, think independently and will start to explore and discover “why” behind the math concepts.

Learn When you want

We provide flexibility to the child which allows personalized learning at their own pace so they can track their progress and enhance the learning experience by setting their own goals, identifying areas for improvement, and celebrating their achievements along the way.

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In our program, the child gets access to personalized support and attention with real-time interaction to foster a dynamic learning environment. The tutor/mentor tailors the instruction to match the level of understanding that ensures an effective learning experience to help the child overcome the challenge at their convenience.

Video Lessons

A video lesson ensures an interactive visual representation of math concepts to see the step-by-step process from basic to advanced concepts. This provides flexibility to the child to review lessons, practice what they have learned, and catch up on missed class materials.

Features of i-MATH Program

Carefully Designed Worksheets

i-MATH Worksheets cover everything from counting to calculus. Each worksheet is continually fine-tuned to keep them relevant and effective in today world to make your child comfortable learning concept.

Learning that Is Truly Absorbed

At school, teachers move on regardless of whether each student has fully grasped a lesson. i-MATH ensures your child has truly absorbed each new concept before progressing to the next one.

Examples that Demonstrate

The worksheets provide examples that demonstrate how to solve each type of problem, empowering your child to self-tuned to keep them relevant and effective in today’s world.

Step by Step Advancement

Each work sheet in one step more advanced than the one before, ensuring your child always has a grasp of the fundamental learning moving on through the our well.

Self Problem Diagnosis & Resolution in Math

Confident learners can speed through the curriculum. The self -paced nature of i-Math enables children to do diagnosis and allow them to conquer it.

Measurable Improvement in Math

Progress of individual child can be measured through levels and archived goals.

Builds Confidence of Child

Finds and closes gaps in knowledge that make math stressful. Self-paced learning removes learning pressure.

Worksheet + Video + Games = Math learning become fun for your child

How we do it @ i-MATH

  • Division of learning in CONCEPTS rather than class or age.
  • Start from very basics | Easy to understand.
  • Diagnoses Gaps in Knowledge | Makes learning effective.
  • Speed of course is kid's pace of learning | Learn the concept and move ahead
  • 4hrs. a week | without disturbing schedule of your child.
  • Learn when you want! | Choose days and time as per choice of your child each time.
  • Benefits last forever | Permanent gain in subject Math.
  • Improved logic is by-product | Better marks in school grades.
  • Children may learn ahead of their school grades.

For example: A child who is studying in class 3rd can learn math of class 5th, as he/she is not going by any class syllabus. He/she is just going through the concept learning sheets.

What set i-MATH apart from other learning programs?

i-MATH goes far beyond Teaching

i-MATH is s structured. proven self learning program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mind set to learn new materials independently. The key to i-MATH Programs is the individualized instruction, carefully planned by an instructor

Your child progresses at his or her own pace with fun

Regardless of academic level, your child will progress through the individualized instruction at his or her own pace - advancing step by step in subject math.

i-MATH delivers results in school and beyond.

i-MATH’s disciplined, worksheet approach to learning advances your child’s abilities in the classroom and throughout life. Even student may surpass their great level.

i-Math is an “Innovative, Interesting & Intelligent technique” of learning Math. It gives boost to the CONFIDENCE of the child and most importantly MAKE THEM HAPPY.


Automatically finds out what you don'tknow and suggests what to study


Short 5 minute animated and narrated lessons cover the whole curriculum


Fun activities and adaptive questions ensure a rock-rolid understanding


Quickly and easily see progress and more effectively plan revision


Printable certificates of achievement and a pat on the back when it's most needed


Automatic weekly email report give extra confidence and reassurance


Teams Who Care

Nidhi Sharma

MBA, (SCDL) Symbiosis
Ph.D. (Child Psychology))
Member (WHRPC) World Human Rights Protection Commission

Nayan Sharma

Ph.D. (Entrepreneurship & Women Empowerment)
Member (WHRPC) World Human Rights Protection Commission
Member (ECA) Early Childhood Association
Member (IMC) International Montessori Council
Member (NAEYC) National Association for the Education of Young Children

Vipul Khunte

Vertical Head – eduMETA
9 Years of Experience

Ruchi Saraf

Content – Head
M.Sc Mathematics
Gold Medalist (University Topper)
17 Years of Teaching Experience in Math


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